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Magic Set
Magic Set
Magic Set

Magic Set


National Geographic

The National Geographic Magic Set gives kids everything they need to perform more than 45 incredible magic tricks!

Kids will use the broad assortment of props in the kit to amaze their friends and family!

They’ll learn how to make coins and cards disappear, how to levitate a squiggly worm, the secrets behind several classic tricks, and a whole lot more.

A special magician’s card deck allows kids to perform numerous sleight-of-hand tricks as well.

Kids will also get access to video tutorials for each trick, with performance tips and techniques provided by a professional magician!

Additionally, kids get a fascinating learning guide with insight into the history of magic and science behind the tricks in the kit!

This is a great magic set for beginners, thanks to the wide variety of tricks that are both easy to learn and perform. It’s also great for more experienced magicians because of the performance insights and technique instructions provided in each of the video tutorials.

Suitable for ages 7 and above.


1 Color Vision Box
1 Ball and Vase
1 Coin Case
1 Crystal Coin Case
1 Brick Box
2 Puzzling Boomerangs
1 Thumb Tip
1 Coin Paddle
1 Coin Puzzle Card
1 Cups and Balls
1 “NO” Card
1 “3 ½” of Clubs Card
1 Magician’s Deck
1 Magic Squiggly Worm
1 Doubled Sided Card
1 Double Backed Card
1 Magic Wand
1 Learning Guide
1 Instruction Booklet w/Link to Online Instruction Video”