Electrono Academic Kit
Electrono Academic Kit
Electrono Academic Kit
Electrono Academic Kit
Electrono Academic Kit
Electrono Academic Kit
Electrono Academic Kit

Electrono Academic Kit

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No soldering required. Safe and endless hours of educational learning.

Electrono Academic is an Electronics ready-made hardware learning kit by interfaceable modules. By building useful gadgets, users can learn basics of Electronics from input modules such as switches, proximity detectors, tilt sensors, thermistor probe to output modules such as colorful LEDs and buzzers and everything in-between. It contains 30 modules in four categories(input, main, output auxiliary) which are color coded for easy identification and over 40 supporting parts. 

  • Pictorial guide for easy assembly instructions
  • Pre soldered modules with easy to connect wires
  • Numbered and Colour coded parts for easy identification
  • Test platform for all projects and future expansions
  • Solar cells, fans and lights (LEDs) for building daily gadgets
  • Encourages experimentation and tinkering in a safe learning environment
  • AA battery powered circuits for safe operation and risk free experimentation
  • 1 year warranty against defective parts
# of Experiments

14+ project experiments / 50+ activities


User manual and academic kit. 

  • 30 modules(switches, LDR, sensors, logic gates, usb interface, wire tester, LEDs, and many more
  • Logic ICS(OR Gate, AND Gate and NAND gate)
  • Resistors(220 Ohms, 1k, etc...)
  • Capacitors (100uF, 220F)
  • Accessories(Logic Board, batteries, magnet,etc...)
  • Cables(varies)
Recommended Age

Suitable for 8-13 years for fun activities and 13-18 years for electronics learning


A seasoned electronic engineering professional with a Master of Science, Physics & Electronics, Mr. Nara is a certified MOE & ACTA for training and assessment in Singapore. He is passionate in creating easily to understand Science Electronics kits to share his vast knowledge and decades of hands-on working experience.

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