Our Story

At Science Kits SG, our mission is driven by a passion for combining learning with play. We understand the importance of nurturing critical-thinking and creativity in children, and we believe science kits are the perfect tool for this. However, we noticed that these kits were not easily accessible in Singapore.

Have you ever experienced the disappointment of purchasing a science kit or toy that broke too soon, or the frustration of not finding a suitable gift for a friend’s child in time?

Our solution is straightforward: offer high-quality science kits and toys at reasonable prices. Additionally, we understand the need for last-minute gifts, so we've established a system that allows you to purchase these items from the comfort of your home with a service commitment of fast 2-3 business day shipping. Our goal is to ensure your children can start their fun and educational journey as quickly as possible.

To add a personal touch, we also offer gift wrapping services at affordable rates.

Say goodbye to the long waits of 5-10 business days for a science kit to arrive, and to the frustration of low-quality toys.

At Science Kits SG, we're here to support you.