Seed Germination
Seed Germination
Seed Germination
Seed Germination
Seed Germination

Seed Germination


Blue Acres

Grow your own organic veggies and herbs with GrowFoam!

A complete kit with foam, veggie seeds, tweezer and tray. Just add water and watch seeds sprout.

This design maintains an ideal air to water balance specially engineered for vegetable and leafy greens seed germination. Suitable for a wide variety of seeds.


Patent pending tailor made biodegradable plant substrate for seedling germination and plant cultivation. 

This kit comes with 45 plugs, a plastic tray (26x17x5cm), a pack of veggie seeds & a tweezer. Best for lettuce, leafy greens, basil, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers etc. This foam is able to degrade 75% within 335 days in a biologically active landfill condition.

GrowFoam Instructions:

 1. Peel away the top cover and place a seed into each cavity of the GrowFoam.
2. Add water into the box and see that the water is fully soaked up by the GrowFoam while retaining approximately 10mm of water inside the box. (Warning) Flooding of seed may terminate its growth.

3. Keep the box in a dark and humid location for 2-5 days until the cotyledon breaks open the seed coat and starts to grow out of the foam. The germination period may vary depending on the species of vegetables.

4. When the first leaf starts to grow out of the cotyledon, move the box to a well lighted and airy spot. Do not place under direct sun light to avoid over-heating the GrowFoam or cause excessive evaporation.

5. Regularly check that the foam is moist and retains at least 5mm of water. Top up when necessary.

6. You are ready to transplant your seedlings into hydroponics system or soil after they have developed their 2nd set of leaves.