Spy Science Kit
Spy Science Kit

Spy Science Kit


National Geographic

A great spy kit for kids that gives them their first 10 missions as part of the Science Explorers Spy Agency.

Use invisible ink, decoder wheels, spy glasses, a periscope and more to complete missions for the Science Explorers Spy Agency, then learn all about spy science, history and technology!

Kids will use the spy tools and techniques to learn more about the world around them, with a focus on gathering intel on the nature, animals, and objects around them everyday.

Activities include:
Gathering intel with the periscope and rearview glasses
Creating a secret identity and disguise
Decoding a secret message
Creating their own decoder wheel

Suitable for ages 6 and above.


• 2 Decoder Wheels
• 1 Periscope
• 1 Pair of Rearview Spy Glasses
• 1 Invisible Ink Pen
• 1 UV Light
• 1 Secret Notebook
• 2 Sticker Sheets
• 1 Spy Badge
• 1 Mission Envelope with 10 Missions and Science Info inside