Logiblocs - Alarm Tech
Logiblocs - Alarm Tech

Alarm Tech



Amaze your friends and family with an intruder alarm, a rain detector, a treasure guard, and many more.

Build Light & Touch Sensitive Alarm Circuits The Alarm Tech Kit is based around light and touch sensors which can trigger all sorts of surprises, play treasure hunts and build various kinds of alarms. 

7 plug together blocks including POWER BASE, BUTTON, LIGHT SENSOR, CIRCUIT, NOT, RED LED, BLEEPER and a detailed instruction booklet.

Over 30 projects and applications such as Intruder Alarm, Rain Detector, Treasure Guard, Water Bleeper, Morse Code Machine, and many more. You can do loads of things with this kit including a chance to test your logical skills. Just let your imagination go, let your horizons expand and develop your hidden talents!