Natural Phenomena
Natural Phenomena

Natural Phenomena


The Purple Cow

  • FUN AND EDUCATIONAL LEARNING ABOUT NATURE PHENOMENA: Do you know why the sky is blue? Have you ever seen a tornado in a jar? These are just 2 of 20 fascinating science experiments in this kit. The Crazy Scientist experiments help you discover the world of natural phenomena around you through curious, fun and engaging experiments.
  • STEM TOYS WITH LEARNING: The Crazy Scientist – Discover fun and fascinating facts about the world around us by engaging in hours of creativity, exploration and science projects for kids. Encourage girls and boys to enter the world of STEM. Challenge their mind and give them the magic of discovering science.
  • VALUE: typical science kits have only a few experiments inside. Here, in this compact tin box at a quarter of the price, there are 20 experiments all using common household materials. That’s value!
  • EASY TO LEARN: Use this card activity kit to create experiments and learn about the world. Provide kids with the opportunity to become real researchers and follow easy instructions that can be conducted using common household materials, inside the home or school environment.
  • FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Create fun learning science projects for kids that can be enjoyed by the entire family! Each card comes with a simple yet clever scientific explanation; it makes a great educational kit for kids 6 and older. Some experiments may need to be supervised by adults or older children. Great for hours of fun, learning, and engagement with the world of STEM.
  • INSIGHTFUL and FUN: The Purple Cow together with our Crazy Scientist strive to develop products that are insightful, fun and great learning activities for both parents and kids alike. We firmly believe science experiments for kids are a great way to make the first step into the world of science and to get kids involved in meaningful activities with both hands and mind.